Extract a compressed or archive image


  imgextract [--name <name>] [--timeout <timeout>] [--keep] <uri|image>


Download and extract a gzip-compressed initrd image



Extract a single image from an archive image (which may be a compressed single-file archive).

A name for the extracted image can be specified using the --name option. If no name is specified, then a default name will be constructed by stripping any archive suffix (such as .gz for gzip archive images).

A download progress timeout can be specified (in milliseconds) using the --timeout option.

The original archive image will be automatically discarded unless the --keep option is specified.

Command status

Success The image was successfully extracted
Failure The image was not successfully extracted

See also

Build options

This command is available only when the build option IMAGE_ARCHIVE_CMD is enabled.


You can use the chain or kernel commands to execute a single-member archive image directly without using the imgextract command. For example, if you have a GZIP-compressed kernel image vmlinuz.gz:

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