Display Fibre Channel ports




Display all Fibre Channel ports



Display the state of all Fibre Channel ports. The output will show key information about each Fibre Channel port. For example:

  iPXE> fcstat
  net0: 20:00:52:54:00:12:34:56 id 18.ae.02 node 10:00:52:54:00:12:34:56
    [Link: up, 20:00:ae:a5:83:a2:78:1a fabric node 10:00:ae:a5:83:a2:78:1a]
    [Link: up, port net0 id ff.ff.fc]
    [Link: up, port net0 id 18.ae.01]
    [Type 08 usage 0 link: up, params 00:00:01:b2]

In this example you can see that there is a single Fibre Channel port (an FCoE port attached to network interface net0), which has a port name of 20:00:52:54:00:12:34:56, a port ID of 18.ae.02, and a node name of 10:00:52:54:00:12:34:56.

The more detailed information shows that the port is attached to a fabric via a Fibre Channel switch port which has a port name of 20:00:ae:a5:83:a2:78:1a and a node name of 10:00:ae:a5:83:a2:78:1a.

The list of Fibre Channel peers shows that iPXE has successfully logged in to the Fibre Channel name server (with the well-known port ID ff.ff.fc), and to a Fibre Channel Protocol target with the port ID 18.ae.01.

See also

Build options

This command is available only when the build options NET_PROTO_FCOE and FCMGMT_CMD are enabled.


Fibre Channel ports are created automatically for any capable network interfaces. You will not see any Fibre Channel ports listed by fcstat until the underlying network interface has been opened (e.g. using ifopen). It can take a few seconds after the network interface has been opened for iPXE to create the corresponding Fibre Channel port.

You can use the fcels command to control the process of logging in to the Fibre Channel fabric and to other Fibre Channel peers.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) typically operates over a VLAN network interface that is created automatically during the Fibre Channel fabric login process. You can also create the relevant VLAN interfaces manually using vcreate.

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