Define colour pair


  cpair [--foreground <foreground>] [--background <background>] <pair index>


Redefine the default colour pair as yellow on cyan

  cpair --foreground 3 --background 6 0

Redefine the default colour pair using 24-bit RGB colours

  colour --rgb 0xa0522d 7
  colour --rgb 0x4682b4 4
  cpair --foreground 7 --background 4 0

Redefine the editable text colour pair as red on white

  cpair --foreground 1 --background 7 4

Reset the default colour pair

  cpair 0


Define the specified colour pair index to use the specified foreground colour index and the specified background colour index. If the foreground colour index is omitted, then a white foreground will be used. If the background colour index is omitted, then a black or transparent background will be used.

The colour indexes refer to colours as defined using the colour command.

The default colour pair definitions are:

Pair index Usage Foreground colour index Background colour index
0 Default colour 9 (default: white) 9 (default: black or transparent)
1 Normal user interface text 7 (white) 4 (blue or transparent)
2 Highlighted text 7 (white) 1 (red)
3 Separators 6 (cyan) 4 (blue or transparent)
4 Editable text 0 (black) 6 (cyan)
5 Error messages 7 (white) 1 (red)
6 Help URLs 6 (cyan) 4 (blue or transparent)
7 PXE menu selection 0 (black) 7 (white)

Command status

Success The colour pair was successfully defined
Failure The colour pair was not successfully defined

See also

Build options

This command is available only when the build option CONSOLE_CMD is enabled.

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