System MAC address setting




Type Byte sequence
DHCP option number not applicable
ISC dhcpd syntax not applicable


Display the system MAC address

  iPXE> show sysmac
  net0/mac:hex = 52:54:00:aa:bb:cc

Check if system MAC address is enabled

  isset ${sysmac} && echo System MAC is ${sysmac} ;

Set interface "net2" to use the system MAC address

  set net2/mac ${sysmac}


Specifies the system MAC address applied to externally pluggable USB network cards (or docking stations).

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The “system MAC address” is not the standard hardware MAC address associated with a network interface. It is a MAC address that is associated with a whole system (typically a laptop), and is used to override the hardware MAC address of an externally pluggable USB network card (or docking station).

This setting is available only when using an iPXE build that includes support for externally pluggable USB network cards.

The system BIOS will typically allow the system MAC address (often labelled “MAC address passthrough”) to be disabled. When the system MAC address is disabled, the sysmac setting will have no value.

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