Client private key




Type Byte sequence
DHCP option number 175.92
ISC dhcpd syntax option ipxe.privkey


Convert a private key file to hex dump format

  openssl rsa -in client.key -outform DER | \
      perl -0777 -ne 'print join ( ":", map { sprintf "%02x", $_ } unpack "C*" )."\n"'

Configure the client private key via VMware GuestInfo

  guestinfo.ipxe.privkey = "30:82:02:5d:02:01:00:02:81:81:00:d5:92:af:72:83: ... :6b:c4:ee"


Specifies the client private key used to authenticate iPXE to TLS servers.

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Client private keys are usually too large to be transmitted via DHCP. Transmitting a private key via a plaintext protocol such as DHCP would be a bad idea anyway.

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