Build configuration options

The following build configuration options are used by iPXE. Build configuration options may be modified by editing the relevant C header file before building the iPXE source code.

DOWNLOAD_PROTO_HTTPS Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
NET_PROTO_IPV6 IPv6 protocol
NET_PROTO_FCOE Fibre Channel over Ethernet protocol
IMAGE_PNG PNG image support
IMAGE_PNM PNM image support
IMAGE_GZIP GZIP image support
IMAGE_ZLIB ZLIB image support
CERT_CMD Certificate management commands
CONSOLE_CMD Console commands
FCMGMT_CMD Fibre Channel management commands
IMAGE_TRUST_CMD Image trust management commands
IMAGE_ARCHIVE_CMD Archive image management commands
IPSTAT_CMD IP statistics commands
LOTEST_CMD Loopback testing commands
NEIGHBOUR_CMD Neighbour management commands
NSLOOKUP_CMD Name resolution commands
NTP_CMD Network Time Protocol commands
PARAM_CMD Form parameter commands
PCI_CMD PCI commands
PING_CMD Ping commands
POWEROFF_CMD Power off commands
PROFSTAT_CMD Profiling commands
REBOOT_CMD Reboot command
TIME_CMD Time command
VLAN_CMD VLAN commands
GDBSERIAL Remote GDB debugging via serial port
GDBUDP Remote GDB debugging via UDP
CONSOLE_SERIAL Serial port console
CONSOLE_SYSLOG Syslog console
CONSOLE_SYSLOGS Encrypted syslog console
CONSOLE_VMWARE VMware logfile console
CONSOLE_FRAMEBUFFER Graphical framebuffer console
KEYBOARD_MAP BIOS console keyboard map
LOG_LEVEL Log message level
TIMESTAMP_ERROR_MARGIN Signed timestamp error margin
COMCONSOLE I/O port address
COMSPEED Baud rate
COMDATA Data bits
COMSTOP Stop bits
MEMMAP_SETTINGS Memory map settings
VMWARE_SETTINGS VMware GuestInfo settings
VRAM_SETTINGS Video RAM contents settings
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